Elevate your brand. Generate additional revenue. Increase operational efficiency.
IN Health Gear
Elevate your brand. Generate additional revenue. Increase operational efficiency.
  • Sanitizer or Sun Screen Dispenser Technology
  • Medical grade stainless steel construction
  • Hands free foot pump action and cellular technology
  • Leverage your dispensers to showcase brands and drive revenue
  • Revenue generation converts an expense in to a profit center
  • Real-time monitoring of refills and control inventory via cellular network
  • Convert costs and compliance to outreach and profits, drive promotional advertising dollars, leverage QR codes for interaction and tracking engagement or serve dynamic content
  • Custom Branded Stand
  • Ad space & QR code technology generate income
Protective Apparel
  • Sophisticated and elegant presence gives your business a permanent disinfection solution
  • Combines sophisticated technology with innovative digital advertising revenue, creating a huge profit center
  • Sanitize for safety while customers are watching ads that generate revenue
  • The more ads you play on the screen, the more revenue you generate.


  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Temperature check
  • UV Santization of phones/wallets/keys
  • Sunscreen Application
  • 3D Holographic Image Messaging Dynamic QR code download for continue consumer engagement

Dragonfly HoloVision 3D Holographic Fan Free-Standing Kiosk

Attention Getting, Consumer Engaging, Revenue Generating.

  • WE supply the displays.
  • WE manage national advertisers through our OOH advertising partners.
  • YOU share in the revenue generated by advertising spend.
  • NO costs to your location. Profitable right to your Bottom Line.
  • 3 Layers of active Microglove Protection
  • Won’t cause skin irritation or dryness
  • Prevents alcohol from absorbing into skin
  • Non-toxic and methanol-free
  • 2 Hour Protection patented Micro-glove technology compared to 30 seconds from leading brands
  • Flame retardant

PPE Equipment

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